Thermolesion Cannulas

Single use RF Thermolesion Line enables a precise lesion of nerve tissue

With a view to innovative solutions, Neuromedex pursues the development of new and interesting approaches to therapy in neurosurgical practice in order to provide users with a perfectly tailored product portfolio. For quite some time now, radio-frequency therapy procedures have been used for treating chronic pain with the aim of interrupting the conduction of pain impulses. This interventional form of treatment is used especially in cases of chronic pains in thoracic or lumbar spine due to signs of degeneration.
In the course of the procedure, high-frequency current is applied to selected areas with the utmost precision under X-ray monitoring and using special cannulas, after all indications for a successful therapy have been verified. This minimally invasive procedure involves the targeted lesion of nerve endings in the affected joint. The patient no longer perceives pain.

RF Thermolesion Electrodes and Cannula – the complete solution for neuropathic pain

Neuromedex Lesionpoint® RF-Thermolesion Cannulas are used in conjunction with electrodes specially adapted for use with an RF-Generator. These three components work together to enable effective treatment as part of the interventional, minimally invasive pain therapy. The special cannulas and electrodes from the Lesionpoint® series have been developed by Neuromedex with utmost attention to detail. The cannulas are designed with an extra-smooth coating in order to reduce frictional resistance to a minimum and thus optimise insertion.
Both, cannulas as well as the electrodes, are designed for single use only, in order to limit the risk of contamination-based infections as far as possible in these sensitive applications. They are compatible with various major brands of generators.