NeuroVacPRO fluted low vacuum drainage

NeuroVacPRO fluted low-vacuum drainage for enhanced performance

The non-adhesive, four-channel fluted silicone drain, in conjunction with the adjustable low-vacuum reservoir, provides a gentle drainage of blood and secretion.
The fluted low vacuum drainage offers a seven times larger tissue connect area than regular perforated drains to secure drainage function even when single drainage channels are obstructed. In this way it achieves maximum reliability and drainage performance is significantly increased.
Both, surface design and drainage material – a pliable, radiopaque, and made of non-adhesive silicone – prevent the drainage tube from sticking to adjacent tissue and allow for an easy, minimally painful drainage removal.

Fluted, non-adhesive low-vacuum drainage channel
that prevents clotting process


Tissue contact area is 7x larger compared to regular perforated drains


Significantly improved drainage performance


Prevents tissue aspiration and minimises the risk of obstructions


Allows for gentle removal