Chiralen meshes


The sterile and surgical meshes are made from undyed polypropylene filaments. The knitted filaments have a smooth and hydrophobic surface, which biologically are absolutely inert. High elasticity in both directions guarantees good elasticity and flexibility. This construction enables the mesh to be cut to any shape or size without unraveling.
The meshes’ tensile strength and tear resistance are in line with the natural properties of the body, so the meshes can be used for various indications. The special structure, increased pore size and particularly fine monofilaments provide a macroporous, very light and flexible mesh implant. Its greater porosity allows more rapid ingrowth of the body’s cells, which stabilizes the tissues.
The mesh can be fixed in the location of the wound. For this purpose non-absorbable suture material should be used at a distance of at least 6.5 mm from the edge of the mesh. Chiralen meshes are available in different sizes, all offering high strength and high flexibility. Chiralen meshes are available in a weight of approx. 125 g/㎡ or in the light version with a weight of approx. 55 g/㎡. Chiralen meshes are indicated in the operative treatment of fascial defects, in particular hernias, which require long-term bridging of damaged structures.

Technical Information Chiralen mesh  
  Weight: 125 g/㎡
Thickness of filament: 0.420 mm
Pore density: 48 pores/1 c㎡
Chiralen mesh light  
Weight: 55 g/㎡
Thickness of filament: 0.320 mm
Pore density: 48 pores/1 c㎡
Pore size gross: 218 μm (net: 180 μm)
Technical Information Minimises foreign-body reactions  



Security combined with great comfort for the patient  
Optimised scar tissue formation  

Technical Specifications

Chiralen mesh

Chiralen mesh light