Multisensor Port
Seamless transition from
instrument to instrument

Premium Hardware
High performance
computing hardware

Smart Lighting
Interactive user interface
Quick user feedback for
an improved workflow

Full 4K Integration
Display high resolution 4K
endoscopic views

With our VirtuDrive™ premium hardware and VirtuSuite™ software we enable minimal invasive procedures including MIS Fusion and Endoscopic Decompression to achieve the best outcome for patients.

With Fiagon’s Brain Solutions, multiple guidance options are possible. The VirtuDrive™ CUBE4D can be integrated seamlessly into existing OR-video towers and microscopes. Various DICOM-datasets can be fused to display all relevant structures.

VirtuSuite™ BRAIN Fiagon’s VirtuSuite Brain offers solutions for cranial procedures in supine, prone and sitting patient positions. Both pinned and non-pinned craniotomies and tumor resections are possible as well as frameless biopsies, shunt placement and procedures at the skullbase. Plan your surgery with Target or Path planning and use tip tracked instruments for precise orientation.

VirtuTrac™ BRAIN Tip tracked instrumentation for precise orientation during complex cranial procedures


A procedure to remove a sample of abnormal tissue is called a brain biopsy and allows a neurosurgeon the diagnosis of a brain lesion. After the decision for this procedure, the BiopsyPointer is guided by the CUBE4D in the preoperative CT or MRI scan and enables a direct and constant guidance for the surgeon. Different biopsy needles are compatible with the BiopsyPointer and are easily calibrated with the MultiPad.


The reduction and resorption of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is normally balanced. A disturbance of this balance where the volume of CSF increases is called Hydrocephalus. By now the implantation of a drainage system, which is called shunt system, is a treatment solution. With Fiagon’s ShuntPointer the placement of the ventricular catheter inside one of the lateral ventricles can be done under continuous guidance. The ShuntPointer are pre-calibrated and to be as plug and play instrument.